I’ve been exploring this orange-sized gizmo for the past 3 months, to automate and optimize every minute of my day. These are 4 practical automations to ACTUALLY save you time. At the end of the article, you’ll also see what is NOT possible, so you don’t waste your time trying to do it (I speak from 3 months of experience surfing Reddit threads and specialized Facebook groups).

Disclaimer : you’ll need a music service for most of these. The only compatible app ACTUALLY works was Apple Music. …

Growing up, I took I news for granted. If something was on TV, it was true. Later in my teenage years I played around with the idea of becoming a journalist, attending journalism workshops and working with local newspapers.

But as I moved to a new country I met new people. Some of them were guests on shows as leaders of opinion or experts in their field.

It was surprising to see how THEY view the media, and how they were about it. Here are some tricks I learned from them. …

A newly discovered sensor predicts an exciting future for Apple’s smart home strategy

A previously unannounced sensor has been discovered in the shell of the HomePod mini. The sensor itself measures humidity and temperature!

The sensor was not listed when Apple launched the HomePod mini last year and was discovered almost by mistake. It has just been sitting there quietly, waiting for the next step in Apple’s smart home strategy (maybe it gets announced in the Apple event on April 20th 2021, called “Spring Loaded”).

The sensors inclusion hints at exciting new possibilities. Temperature and humidity serve as ideal triggers for automations in smart homes, and could integrate with other smart devices…

Denisa Baluta

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